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1979 Baldwin Model R



Baldwin's Model R comes in at 5'8", one of the most popular sizes of piano for home use. For the average-sized room this maxes out the tonal range without taking over the space. This piece is in a handsome walnut case.


I've replaced the original hammers with Ronsen Bacon felt hammers. These hammers, which are considerably softer, emphasize the more singing qualities inherent to the instrument while still drawing forth the strength for which Baldwins are known. 

In decided to restring this piano, I'm capitalizing on a number of opportunities for improvement.: The bass strings are made by Hellerbass in Germany, a company devoted solely to the creation of top-quality bass strings--such a key foundation to the experience of the entire instrument! Additionally, the lower portion of the plain wire section is strung in Paulello O-Type wire, a softer variant than modern wire that is more excitable in that range. (It's what the cool kids are doing these days.) The highest treble wire is no less than Roslau--the wire used by the top rebuilders. Lastly, restringing gives me the chance to replace agraffes and reshape the capo d'astro bar, restoring brilliance to the tone throughout the range.

And, of course, I've spent many hours refining the touch and tone to produce a piano that's ready to create magic!

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