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1982 Baldwin Model R



Baldwin's Model R comes in at 5'8", one of the most popular sizes of piano for home use. For the average-sized room this maxes out the tonal range without taking over the space. This piece is in a classic brushed ebony case, rubbed out and touched up to a B rating.


I've replaced the original hammers with Ronsen Wurzen felt hammers. These hammers have plenty of power, leaning into Baldwin's tendency to punch above their weight in terms of volume. At the same time, they have a round American sound and avoid being overly bright.

New Hellerbass bass strings, custom made for this very piano in Germany, outperform the original factory strings and add to its grandeur.

I've replaced the damper felt and spent many hours refining the touch and tone to produce a piano that's ready to satisfy the discerning pianist.

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