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1968 Steinway B



Some pianos are just special. That's how I feel about this Steinway Model B from 1968. Perhaps it's not surprising considering its provenance: it was the personal piano of Donald Kemp--a prominent musical figure in Las Vegas who played for various high-profile orchestras and dance bands, personally accompanied Frank Sinatra and Barbara Streisand, and founded the Las Vegas Performing Arts Center. 

Happily, because this piano had spent most of its life in the relatively-stable climate of Las Vegas the soundboard and pinblock are in exceptional condition and won't be in need of restoration for the foreseeable future. To keep this piano in reach I've kept the original parts but have done a large amount of reconditioning. This refresh includes new key bushings, new damper felt, new hammer knuckles, key-end felt, damper tray felt, and new damper guide rail bushings. It was more than I was initially planning but I just couldn't help giving this piano what it deserves. 

(If the buyer wishes, new Steinway hammers could be installed for an additional fee of $4750.)

The mid-tone wood case, redolent of the period in which Kemp worked, is maintained in very good condition but it's really the sound that's so remarkable with it's depth of tone and wide color palette. Again, some pianos are just special.

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