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A Place For Piano Enthusiasts

612 S. Elm St. in Greensboro, NC

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(215) 378-6738

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Pianos for sale

Classic pianos made exceptional through quality parts and sheer persnicketiness.

If you're in the market for a piano, the Inside Pianos Showroom--a small-scale, technician-run shop--may be just what you're looking for. Each piano we sell receives enormous attention to detail and provides exceptional performance from the start--making costly refinements unnecessary. What's more, we apply our expertise exclusively to pre-owned instruments, keeping the cost well below that of an equivalent new piano.

APPOINTMENT ONLY: Please call to set one up!


  • 1-year warrantee

  • Free move within town or $250 towards more distant move

*Within my 100 mile service area


  • High-quality videos for perusal

  • $250 towards more distant move

  • "Safe-Buying Program"

STWY O 2 Large.jpeg


1918 Steinway Model O

Stnwy A2.JPG

1896 Steinway Model A

1982 Baldwin R

Coming soon!


2011 Boston GP156

1968 Steinway Model B

1990s Kawai CE-7N


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INSIDE PIANOS YouTube channel

YouTube channel
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Ben Blozan D.M.A.,

To me, playing the piano and working on pianos are inexorably linked. Both feed my love for musical sounds and offer a satisfying quest for perfection (which I'm still foolish enough to believe exists).

I enjoy interacting with fellow piano lovers and have created a YouTube channel as a way to entertain, engage with, and learn from this community. 

I live in Greensboro, NC with my wife Cheri, cat (Romeo), and dog (Roxy). My current piano is a 9' Baldwin SD6 from 1962.

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